The Three Themes of Our Mission

Our mission has three themes—to bring light into the world and glorify Yeshua our Messiah through: Education in the Word, Service in the Community, and Worship in a Jewish-Friendly Context.

Education in the Word is an important component of our mission. Many misconceptions of what the New Testament (Brit Chadeshah) writers meant exist because an anti-Jewish mindset was already entering into Christian congregations during the lifetimes of the those writers.

This is why we hold Bible-based seminars regularly, and record them whenever possible.

Our Green God, launched in July, 2015, shares Torah principles of stewardship. Presenter Wendell Hartlauer shares how to care for what God cares for. Since we don’t own the earth, but benefit from it, we are held accountable as stewards of God’s great creation.

Handouts on backyard composting, worm composting and green cleaning share the practical side, while other handouts correlate the spiritual component. The Responsible Stewardship Handbook explains seven Biblical principles of caring for the earth. The handbook helps believers lead others to Yeshua who are looking for truth and a better way of living in an ever increasingly polluted world.

Service in the Community rewards us with some amazing experiences. Meeting an unwed mother who chose to keep her baby, in spite of her homeless condition. Trimming toenails so long they were growing into the bottom of the man’s toes. Speaking words of God’s love to a mother who’s been separated from her son. Providing a hot meal and refilling camp propane cylinders on a frosty winter morning.

Worship in a Jewish-Friendly Context expresses our recognition that Synagogue traditions are based upon the Word of God. We also recognize that a clear understanding of the Torah builds a firm foundation for a Christian experience based upon faith in the promised Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.