Please Support Our Many Ministries

Praying with the HomelessDonations are tax deductible.

Click on Adventist Giving if you wish to receive an IRS approved tax deductible receipt at the end of the year. This link will take you to Beit Shalom Balevav @ Adventist Giving.

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Adventist Giving Online

Click on the PayPal button if you wish to donate directly to Beit Shalom Balevav. This option does generate a receipt; however, it may not be recognized by the IRS for tax reduction purposes.

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What Your Donations Support

  • We offer education through radio and seminars. While we’ve begun using Facebook Live to share, we would like to offer higher-quality videos. While we have been able to purchase some of the necessary equipment, we still need $6,000 to fully support quality video recordings of Dr. Bolotnikov’s presentations. Please, consider contributing to our multi-media or evangelism fund.
  • We serve our community. We reach out to the homeless in Vancouver regularly. Bringing comfort is rewarding. Consider helping us purchase warm clothing and tents, so one less person is left shivering in the rain at the cold time of year. We also serve the elderly by helping with home care needs.
  • We nurture the earth and her inhabitants. We share the interconnection of God’s word and responsible stewardship of the earth through a ministry called Our Green God. This ministry brings a faith-based perspective to ecology gatherings around the United States—bringing an awareness of the Torah into a largely humanistic/secular arena. Consider supporting the costs of obtaining booth space at various venues.

Your support will help us continue to expand our outreach into our surrounding community and the world.