Israel Seminar: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


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This seminar’s topics include:

Who’s who in Biblical history?

The history and origin of the Jewish people

Why make a covenant through circumcision?

How a simple surgical procedure determined one’s relationship with God

Did God commit genocide in Egypt?

God’s mercy and justice in the events of the Passover night

Does God have favorites?

The real reason behind the election of Israel

Is God to blame for the Bible’s wars?

What the wars of Israel reveal about God’s character

Was Israel saved by keeping the law?

The truth behind the mysterious Temple rituals

Does God support the death penalty?

Israel’s justice system as presented in the Torah

How obsolete is the ‘Old Covenant?’

The laws of the Torah and their significance for today

Who participates in the New Covenant?

The prophecy of Jeremiah and the nature of God’s covenant with Israel

Should Jerusalem become the center of the world?

The prophecies of Isaiah and their fulfillment

Who is going to be a party to the New Covenant?

What Scripture teaches about participation in the promises of God

Who crucified Jesus?

What the Gospels and the book of Acts say

Were the Jews punished for stoning Stephen?

What Acts tells us about the history of early Christianity

Is there salvation ‘under the law?’

Paul and his stand on the Torah

Does God want all Jews in Israel?

How the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel describe the future of Israel

Passover and the Lord’s Supper

How Jesus  and His disciples would have observed the Last Supper

How have the Jews survived exile?

Jews in the Middle ages and their influence on Christians

Did the Bible predict the modern state of Israel?

The creation of the State of Israel and its Biblical connections

What will the new  Temple look like?

Ezekiel’s prophecy about the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem

Were the lost tribes of Israel really lost?

The twelve tribes of Israel in history and prophecy

Question & Answer Session

Q&As received from attendees answered