Repairing the Breach – Exploring Judaism and Christianity

Repairing the Breach is a seminar that explores Judaism and Christianity in the light of the Torah and the Gospels.

Through video you may still join us on an exciting journey which searches for harmony between two major religions.

Meet Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov.

Can Judaism and Christianity be reconciled?

What are the origins of the words “Jew”, “Hebrew”, “Israel”?
What are the roots of Christianity as a religion?

Is the New Testament a Christian book and the Old Testament a Jewish book?

Why do Jewish people reject the New Testament?
Do the Gospels speak against the Torah?

Rosh Hashanah—Special Service

Beginning of the 10 Days of Awe.

Was Jesus a Pharisee?

Did he follow any Jewish laws or traditions?
Did his teachings ever agree with that of the Rabbis?

Do Christians and Jews worship a different God?

Is God portrayed differently in the Old and New Testaments?
Does the Hebrew Bible ever speak about a triune God?

Jesus, the Jewish Messiah?

What does Judaism teach about the Messiah?
Is salvation through a Messiah a Christian concept?
Why do some Jews reject the idea of Jesus being the Messiah?

Is the Old Testament Relevant for Christians?

Have the Laws of the Torah become obsolete?
What is the difference between the Old and the New Covenants?

Does God really need sacrifices?

What was the significance of the Temple rituals?
Does the Torah speak about grace and atonement?

Who crucified Jesus?

Have the Jews really rejected Jesus?
What does the New Testament really say about it?

The Temple Restored

What does Bible prophecy teach about the restoration of the Temple?

Are the Jewish holidays really Jewish?

What are the Jewish holidays all about?

Yom Kippur—Special Service

Celebrating the Day of Atonement.