Shofars of Judgment – The Sanctuary Explained

Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov presenting seminar "Shofars of Judgment."

Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov presenting seminar “Shofars of Judgment.”

1. Why would God ever command killing?

The mystery of the binding of Isaac unveiled

2. Was it really necessary for Messiah to die?

The ultimate reason behind Christian beliefs in the death of Jesus

3. Does God like to smell the odor from sacrifices?

The meaning of the sacrificial rituals

4. Do we really need priests?

The significance of the sin offerings at the Temple

5. How is it possible to wash away my uncleanness?

The Levitical laws about impurity

6. Can I atone for my sins?

The question of whether substitutionary atonement is necessary

7. Who is the real scapegoat?

Yom Kippur and its ritual

8. Is one section of Torah more significant than any other?

Yearly festivals and holy assemblies

9. Should we fast on Yom Kippur today?

The question of whether we need to afflict our souls