Torah for Today Radio

Torah and YadWelcome to the Torah for Today  radio archive. Host Stan Burman and our commentator, an expert in Torah and Jewish studies, Dr. Alex Sasha Bolotnikov, focus on the Torah portion which is read throughout Jewish synagogues each week.

The Torah has been shrouded in mystery among many who claim belief in the God of the Bible. A question rises, “Is the Torah for the Jews only? Is it just an ancient relic or does it have value for Jews and Christians alike today. We explore this question during each half hour radio broadcast.


The Torah portions (parashat) in Genesis (Bereshit) lay the foundation for understanding everything that we see in the world around us.


The parashat in Exodus (Shemot) reveal the desire of God to have a people who know Him intimately, embrace His ways and represent Him in this world.


The parashat of Leviticus (Vayikra) reveal how God reconciles His people to Himself when they have done what pleased themselves, rather than what is right.


The parashat of Numbers (Ba Midbar) describe the wanderings of 40 years. The experiences of the people reveal much about our own inconsistencies.


The parashat in Deuteronomy (D’varim) rehearses the laws given to the people at Mount Sinai, giving them further instruction to ensure their success. Moses reminds the children of those who left Egypt of who they are and why they are to move forward.