Tikkun Olam Tree Planting for Tu B’Shevat

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Tikkun Olam Tree Planting for Tu B’Shevat

Sunday, February 12, 2017.  Beit Shalom Balevav planted 100 trees near the green spaces of the Burnt Bridge Creek Natural Watershed area of Vancouver, Washington.  The event was combined with a larger MLK Day volunteer event that was postponed due to icy weather and frozen ground during a large snow storm that hit the local area during the end of January.  The event planted about 6,000!  BSB’s crew wanted to plant more, but some of the younger volunteers wanted to plant more too.

Big thank you to the Clark County Watershed Stewards and Bethany Wray for providing such an organized event and the equipment to get so much hard work done for our community.  God made good to provide some pleasant weather for planting.  Volunteers and event organizers were blessed.   Its good to see the body of Messiah at work as people want to care for others’.

Noteworthy facts:
Leading up to Passover and the new life that God has planned for each of us is the preparation of the spring season.  First, we celebrate Hanukkah in winter — the festival of dedication.  We recommit our lives to our Redeemer to be used by Him to bless others and live freely for
God.  Next, we have Tikkun Olam –Restoring or Healing the world.  We take time at Tu B’Shevat to reach out to heal the world we live in.  Planting trees and caring for the environment of all people softens the soil of our hearts to recognize that God uses us as “trees of the field” to bear His fruits of righteous works into our world.  Finally, we have Purim — joyfully commemorates our deliverance from our oppressors.  Purim is a time of blessing others and ministering to the less fortunate.  We see the plan of salvation and the cycle, connection, and sacredness of life.

Gordon, Denise, Leila, Nini, and Iryna (left to right). Ft Vancouver High School

Reforesting the Burnt Bridge Creek Natural Green Space Area

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