2017 and End Time Events

Two events in 2017 had religious and spiritual significance.

  • The 500-year anniversary of the Reformation
  • The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by a US President

Both events are significant. One is unprecedented.

How are these events linked, and how does our recognizing of their connection affect our understanding of the last days?

At the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s challenge, the separation begun by Martin Luther’s nailing of his 98 theses to his church’s door has effectively ended. Lutherans no longer see a theological difference between their understanding of righteousness by faith and the Roman Catholic view.

What does this mean for us? How is this related to the end of time? Listen to what Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov concludes from scripture.

What about the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital fulfills prophecy? How does the establishment of Israel as a state and this recognition fit into Biblical prophecy.