Homeless Ministry – Brown Bag Dinners

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Homeless Ministry – Brown Bag Dinners

On October 27, 2017, Beit Shalom Balevav had a great time serving the homeless in our local community at the Share House in down-town Vancouver, Washington.

Over 60 people enjoyed a custom-made, home-made smoked chicken sandwich or pita gyro.  Everyone had a chance to get at least one and most took an extra with them for later in a brown bag.  It was very delicious and many compliments by the patrons.  We also got the portable stove going and were able to serve popular hot drinks to include hot coco and coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.

We were able to set up four tables with half being a serving line for food and hot drinks and the other half being warm clothing and personal hygiene items.  One man begged for some sleeping bags for him and his girlfriend and he was able to get two brand-new 25 degree sleeping bags.  He was very appreciative as the weather is starting to get much colder and wetter.  Praise the LORD for providing.  Another man said that his “gums and teeth hurt badly,” and we were able to give him some mouth wash, a new tooth brush and some tooth paste.  Still another man told us he needed a backpack as he had “a lot of stuff.”  We had a large 50 liter hiking backpack in very good shape and very clean.  He was very grateful to receive it.  At the end, a young man come out from helping in the Share House kitchen and told us that he was trying to “get clean, rebuild his life, and that he wanted to be a service to the LORD.”  We put him in our prayer circle at the end and asked the LORD to bless him as a light to the community and to bless the homeless living outside this winter.

Thank you to all the generous supporters at BSB and the local community.  Tyler printed out 25 flyers in his neighborhood asking for donations to the poor.  Many neighbors responded with winter socks, warm jackets for ladies and sleeping bags.  We ended up with quite a bit of bars of soap somehow, but everyone who came by got something valuable and needed.  Gordon even took one of the left over sweaters and made a custom jacket for a very cold dog living outside with his owner.  Leila gave us her HUGE tarp (which covered her house) and Denise and Gordon cut it up into about eight pieces… each going to a grateful recipient living in a tent.  Winter is just about here.

Special thanks to the Huynh family (Phong, Christie, Jasmine, and Hampton) for smoking and pulling eight chickens.  Thanks to Hampton for tasting and testing all the food to make sure the quality was okay.  Thank you Pam, Nini and Sonna for making sure that everyone got something warm to wear.  Thanks to Stephen and Sally for making the line flow and getting people in the right places.  Stephen naturally took on the circulating fellowship liaison.  Thank you Tyler for getting the water, handing out hygiene items, and making the home-made cookies.  We all felt blessed to be touched by these people’s lives who are financially poor but rich in other ways.  (All photos taken by Wendell.)

Big thanks to Tyler who had it in his heart to plan, organize and lead this wonderful event.  Tyler said afterwards that “it felt like a neighborhood party outside on the street.”

Thank you to Yeshua HaMashiach our LORD and Savior for making the day so blessed and for the great fall leaves and sunny weather.