The Ageless Book – Utah

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The Ageless Book – Utah

Beit Shalom Balevav (BSB) takes the Bible Expo on the road to Ogden, Utah.  It was such a blessed time to fellowship out of town.  An incredible show of faith to travel during mid-winter over icy mountain ranges.  Blue skies and frigid cold made for a beautiful weekend in Utah together.

On December 29, 2017 BSB was able to Skype its first ever service during Kabbalat Shabbat from the hotel in Layton, Utah to its congregation in Vancouver, Washington.  Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Bolotnikov spoke on Acts 2 and about “the Temple.”

Mid-day on Shabbat “all the boys” (Sasha, Gordon, Steve, Wendell, and Tyler) loaded into one car and spent some productive time at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  We took the first step to making a 10-minute documentary called “Street Level.”  We attempted to interview passer-bys, temple goers, and tourists about their knowledge of the Temple, according to the Bible, but found few willing to participate.  One man knew nothing.  When asked were the Temple was located he said, “right here.”  (Sorry, but no John and Peter did not heal the paralyzed man at the temple in Salt Lake City.)  The other man was a young, highly educated LDS man.  When asked about its purpose, he said the Temple was a place for “meeting God” and he referred to it as the “Jewish Temple.”  With more time, better weather, and some willing and informed participants, we do plan to finish the video project in 2018.

In the late-afternoon we headed over to Union Station Museum in Ogden, Utah. Dr. Bolotnikov gave two “The Ageless Book” lectures to a very small turn-out in the Wattis Dumke room.  A very historic, beautiful and classic venue, but the meager marketing campaign and the timing (with New Years close at hand) left us wondering whether we were living through the Book of Jeremiah. Four high-spirited people did come a bit late to enjoy the last lecture about how the Bible is different than any other ancient or spiritual text in the world.  No one can tell what God can do with four people earnest for the truth and zealous for the work.  These four enthusiastic Christians also received a valuable tour of the museum-style exhibits.  One of the men asked Sasha about end-time events regarding “the church” (which Sasha had precisely presented about the weekend earlier) and he was surprised by the answer.  He seemed accepting and said that he would study the answer in light of Scripture.  Praise the LORD.  Both lectures were recorded and will be posted on our website soon.